Our mission is to offer healthy opportunities for children growing up in challenging situations.  We have open doors for tutoring, chapel, sports, camps, and more.  And we want to laugh a lot. 

Our Story

The Helping Hand Rescue Mission was founded in 1905 by Charles Toner to reach those living in poverty in Philadelphia.  In 2005, our beloved Director/Pastor Matt Gallashaw invited a small group of volunteers to use the Mission for meetings about the possibility of starting an outreach for young adults.  On April 28th of 2006, when the volunteers parked for their meeting, 3 boys were playing catch in the lot.  After an introduction and a challenge, a whiffle ball game broke out.  Laquan, Bashir, Eric, and then many more came to swing.  By the 3rd inning, there was a new beginning.  A new Mission family was born.

 111 years after the Mission was founded, the homeless are still being served on site and on the streets of Philadelphia, but the vision of the Mission has expanded.  Along with our model of intervention with our homeless families, we are focused on creating new opportunities in our community.

We thank our great families that have allowed us to share in the powerful responsibility of raising young people.  And we thank the incredible volunteers and donors that have backed us along the way.

Our Approach

We believe that small hinges swing big doors.  We are the small hinge trying move big things.  There is a lot of work to be done.  We can't do it alone.  We believe in partnering with the schools, our families, and other groups who desir to create opportunities for our young people.

We hope to create a home away from home at the Mission.

A safe space with trusted volunteers.  A place where every child knows that they are truly valued and important to us all.

Community Impact

We believe in a giving circle.  Our families often need a boost, but we ask them to serve others as well.

Teens volunteering to help the homeless in Philadelphia

Some of our kids volunteer  to serve the homeless, some have raised money for a water well we are sponsoring in South Sudan, and some help tutor other young children in the neighborhood. Our donors are not just creating more inspired kids, they are creating a more inspired community.



We are sponsored by our wonderful friends at the Kyle Korver Foundation.  And we partner with Mont Lawn Camp in the Poconos, Camp of the Old Mill near Coatesville, and Starfinder soccer in Manayunk.  We are grateful for the shared vision of reaching wonderful young people as a team.