Youth Programs


After-school Tutoring

Our k-8 mission little people are mentored by our big people who were once mission little people.

Our Junior Leaders do most of the tutoring for our Mission kids. Our teens have all grown up in our housing community, and have a powerful opportunity to mentor their neighbors. And to get paid.


Tuesday night chapel is Sunday School, but on Tuesday.  We learn, we sing, we pray.  Skits and crafts too, but no slime or glitter please. Seriously.


Our Mission Soccer Academy is a wondrous blend of skill, hip hop swag, and sliding blocks.


Working for your community is more than a job, but it’s still a job.
We have 3 major rules for our Junior Leaders. Be on time. Stay off your phones. Work while at work.
Over 90% of our Junior Leaders have gone on to college and tech schooling.

Summer Camp

We are blessed.  
We are lucky.  
We are fortunate..

Our young people grow up in a cement city. In the summer, they get to explore the woods in the Poconos, canoe on the Brandywine, and have their own space. This is our most expensive season, but our most important time together.

Giving Circle

We believe that our young people can make an impact at our building and beyond. Every student has chore time, and we have asked them to help others less fortunate. In 2018, our Mission team dropped coins and bills into an empty water jar and sponsored the Aguroi-Odiope water well in Kaberamaido, Uganda.

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Middle School Tutoring

Middle School Tutoring



Mission Soccer Academy

Mission Soccer Academy