Angel Williams

When Angel joined the Mission, he was a bit shy.  He kept to himself.  Angel loved to read and draw and write. He had his own cartoon strip called "Super Guy."  In his early time at the Mission, he often sat alone working.

Author Angel William with his book, Better Bullying

After a few months and years, Angel started to take good risks.  He opened up.  He expressed himself.  He was given room to let his gifts grow, and he took a chance by expressing himself. 

Angel loved his final few years at Kearny Elementary School.  He was the goalie for the Cougars (soccer), the center on the basketball team, and co-authored a book on bullying.  He lost both his front teeth along the way (from basketball, not bullying), but grew to 6'3" and in many other ways.  Angel is currently a freshman at Bodine High School and is working in the Junior Leader program at the Mission.


Montae was transferred out of Kearny Elementary School in Philadelphia for fighting in 6th grade.  Two years later, he wasn't allowed to attend his 8th grade graduation at Ludlow Elementary.  

group of teenage boys

When Montae got to high school, things changed.  He started to work at the Mission as a Junior Leader.  And he decided that he wanted to live a better life.  Montae was Ben Franklin High School Homecoming King his Senior year, he earned straight A's and he made the tough jump to Philadelphia Community College.  And then he decided it was time to transfer again, but this time for a good reason.  Montae is currently a junior attending West Chester University and living on campus.  He is currently a Senior Leader at the Mission.


Sia-Imani's father was killed when she was 7 years old.  Instead of allowing hatred to brew in her heart, she channeled her grief through her passion.  Poetry.  Sia-Imani is an Honor's Student who is attending Bodine High School as a Freshman this September.  

Writer and Poet, Sia-Imani

She is a skilled and bold writer, accepting the role of a leader and an advocate.  Sia-Imani has been attending and thriving at the Mission for 5 years, and on August 30th, 2016, she was hired to be a Future Leader.  Sia-Imani will work her first job as a mentor, helping children in her community.